Sponsor: YWCA - Young Women's Christian Association

Name Changed: 1946

Former name: Girl Reserves

The Girl Reserves club of the YWCA, that began in 1918, changed it's name in 1946 to bring a fresh, modern feel to the club.


Although early press releases about the change indicated that boys had been participating and more boys were interested in joining, the Y-Teens was a girl's club. The 1952 Y-Teen Adviser's Handbook notes that boys may join in with co-ed events, but the the "W" in YWCA stands for women (and girls) so boys could not join the Y-Teens.

large silver area off the coast of Africa

Y-Teen Membership Pins

Australia noted, large silver area gone

Well defined map with raised longitude and latitude lines.

1952 Edition of Y-Teen Club Adviser's Handbook

Y-Teen Adviser's Pin

Version 1 of the Y-Teen Charm with 2 shades of blue

Version 2 of the Y-Teen Charm, only 1 shade of blue used

Y-Teen Hat Pin

Y-Teen felt patch


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