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By 1928 the YMCA was  working with the group Christian Citizenship and their youth material Christian Quest. The new Pioneer program kept some references to the older YMCA Comrades & Pioneers programs (see other webpage) but produced a less complicated handbook and materials.


The age level for YMCA Pioneers was 12 through 15 years old boys.


The Purpose of A Pioneer: "To follow the trail blazed by the Great Pioneer in a life of service and of growth in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man."

There were four ranks to the Pioneer program; Pathfinder, Trailblazer, Guide and Master Pioneer. The first three ranks were indicated by the color of the membership button; Pathfinder - bronze, Trailblazer - silver and Guide - gold. The highest rank - Master Pioneer was a medal on a ribbon, shown below.

L: 1929 Pioneer Manual Leader's Edition

R: YMCA Pioneer Manual Boys' Edition was only  26 pages and cost 12 cents.

A less complicated way to measure results than the older YMCA Comrade & Pioneer program.

Each Pioneer Club was encouraged to make a monetary contribution to missionary projects overseas, and therefore be part of the World Brotherhood.


As a Pioneer, I AIM to:

1) Seek Health

2) Do my Whole Duty

3) Play a Team Game

4) Play with Game Clean

5) Be Self-Controlled

6) Be Self-Reliant

7) Be Absolutely Reliable

8) Be Thorough

9) Be Always Kind

10) Be Reverent

11) By Loyal in All my Relationships


YMCA Pioneer Emblem with the four cornerstones; intellectual, service, devotional and physical

Pathfinder Pioneer rank pin - bronze

Trailblazer Pioneer rank pin - silver

Guide Pioneer rank pin - gold, this pin shows "notching" as a way of recording achievements. Literally the pin was notched at the "Y"s around the pin, one for each of the 24 achievements needed to progress to the next level. In this case, 12 notches indicate the Pioneer was half way to Master Pioneer level.

The Pioneer Leader's pin was square, with the same central design as the boys' pin, but without the "Y"s around the edge.


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