Friendly Indians

Sponsor: YMCA

Around 1923 or so, the YMCA had started several programs for boys, based on their ages. The youngest group of these was the Friendly Indians for boys 9, 10, 11 and 12 years old. The older groups were the Pioneers and the Comrades.

This program seemed to have been developed in California, but was adopted throughout the states. Boys would come together once a week, and occasionally on weekends for hikes and picnics. They would adopt "Indian" names and learn about nature. Boys would earn rank by doing typical good works; grades in school, attending church, collecting for the needy, learning to swim, etc.

Friendly Indians notices were popular in the

1920's newspapers under the club activities

section, but faded through the 1930's. Only

a couple were noted in the 1940's,

the last one dated 1941.




5" diameter 2-piece felt Friendly Indians patch


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