Sunbrite Junior Nurse Corps

Sponsor: Sunbrite Cleanser

Started: February 1935

Official Colors: Orange & Blue

Official Pledge: 

  • As Junior Nurses, we pledge ourselves to fight dirt                                      and disease

  • to keep ourselves physically and mentally clean

  • to practice and teach household hygiene

  • to be careful and play safely

  • to help those in need and distress

  • to be brave in time of danger

  • and loyal to those we love

 The Sunbrite Junior Nurse Corps was a movement sponsored by Sunbrite Cleanser and promoted through the radio program Sunbrite Junior Nurse Corps. First launched in February 1936 it ran 3x a week for over 2 years, generally around 5pm - for 15 minutes. The host of the program was the "National President" of the Sunbrite Junior Nurse Corps Dorothy Hart, played by the young actress Lucy Gilman. Helena Ray played her trusty Aunt Jane.

     Prior to the launch of the program and during its run, mothers were assured that the programming was safe, suitable and beneficial for its audience. Famed child guidance leader Angelo Patri supervised each script. Florence Nightingale, Clara Barton and "Sa-ca-ja-wea, Indian Princess" were part of the programming.

     After pledging themselves to the aims of the Sunbrite Junior Nurse Corps, girls could save Sunbrite (and later Quick Arrow Soap Flake) labels and "buy" the official Sunbrite Junior Nurse Corps uniform that National President Dorothy Hart always appeared in, and other items such as the official ring, toothbrush, hairbrush, first aid kit and more.

    Girls were encouraged to learn First Aid, form groups of Junior Nurse Corps - and encourage their moms to buy Sunbrite Cleanser.

The program left behind many wonderful things to find and collect!

"Service Button" of the Junior Nurse Corps

Membership Badge of the Junior Nurse Corps

The official Graduate pin was not available until after
 November 1, 1936

1936 Sunbrite Junior Nurse Corps Manual

1936 Catalog of Junior Nurse Corps Equipment

The whole radio show was only 15 minutes long!

1937 Official Manual of the Sunbrite Junior Nurse Corps

1938 Catalog of Official Sunbrite Junior Nurse Corps Equipment and Special Project


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