Oriole Girls

Sponsor: Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints - renamed Community of Christ Church in 2000. Oriole Girls no longer seems offered.

Age Levels: (1938) Ages 12- 15 yrs. (1946) ages 11-16 yrs.

(1950) ages 11-15, (1983) ages 9-11 yrs.

Began:  April 1915


The Oriole Pledge:

Trusting God for help

I will try to be true to my very best self,

always helpful to others and loyal to God and His church

and to the purpose of this circle.

Oriole Girls are formed into "Circles"

Blue Birds or Skylarks are formed into "Bands"

A lone girl unable to join a circle is called a "Forest Oriole"

The symbol of the Oriole Girls  is a spreading tree,

symbolic of service and beauty; orange on a field of black.

Oriole Girls Membership Pin

Oriole Girls Patch on Oriole Green fabric

1925 Oriole Girls Handbook

Pre-1983 Oriole Girls Honor Badge Tab

Oriole Girls

Service Star

Oriole Girls Honor Badges

This 1965 article notes that Oriole Girls and the younger Blue Birds earned Service Honors
 in the form of color-coded feathers

Rare homemade Oriole Girls uniform, with purchased yellow snap-tie, tab for pocket with Oriole Girls patch and possible rank emblem, and badge sash at belt,

This 1966 article notes that Oriole Girls are an international program with groups in Germany,
Netherlands, Tahiti and other countries.


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