K of Y - Knighthood of Youth

Founder: Charles Mills DeForest (1878-1947) but Dr. John H Finley (president of the National Child Welfare Association) often gets the credit

Sponsor: The National Child Welfare Association

January 1, 1925

This program was an off-shoot of the Modern Health Crusaders, who Charles Mills Deforest organized and revamped, and continued with the same "Cross of Nine Circles" symbol first used in 1919 on the Modern Health Crusader badges. Now the focus had shifted from basic hygiene to curbing crime among youth. The program gained modest use across America but didn't last for long.

Ranks for the Knighthood of Youth program

1) Page

2) Herald

(Looking for a Herald button image)

3) Aide

4) Esquire

5) Knight

6) Knight Marshal

7) Knight Banneret

8) Knight Constant

9) Knight Crusader

8) Knight Constant

This 1920 Modern Health Crusader button shows that the same "cross of nine circles" that continues in the newer Knighthood of Youth program.

Knighthood of Youth handbooks

Endorsements for all youth groups were highly coveted and sought after, and listing the endorsements showed skeptical parents that your program was worthy.


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