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Also known as: Junior Audubon Club

                           Audubon Junior


The "Junior" side of the National Audubon Society officially began in 1910, although some local groups had organized youth programs independently.


The first Junior membership pin was the Mockingbird pin. Junior groups would often be named after a favorite or local bird such as the Screech Owl Audubon Club or the Flicker Junior Audubon Club.  

38 different Audubon Society unique pins have been found. National Audubon Society pins shown below are divided into 3 groups;​

  1.  Those that only say "Audubon Society",

  2. A transitional pin noting the new title "National Audubon Society" and

  3. Those that say "National Audubon Society - Junior Member".​

Bird identification, manufactures and style of pin are noted if known.

The educational program usually was delivered through the classroom or through already establish youth programs such as Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Camp Fire Girls or through local Audubon Societies.  The focus was on nature study, conservation and how kids could make a difference.


Membership was only 10 cents per year for several years.

The first membership pin was the Mockingbird Audubon Society pin

also called an Audubon Button

The original goal of the National Audubon Society's Junior Clubs was not to enact more stringent hunting laws but rather to educate the younger generation to of the value of birds and other wildlife: 

Audubon Society Pins

Thought to be World War II metal-saving membership disc

front & back shown

Transitional Pin From Audubon Society to National Audubon Society 

National Audubon Society - Junior Member


Audubon Society 

Contests were an active part of the National Audubon Society's Junior program. Instructors and junior members could participated in essay contests, bird listing, bird house building, bird calls and more.

Interest in the Junior Audubon Clubs decreased greatly by the 1970s. The National Audubon Society launched a new program, Audubon Adventures in 1984 and it continues today.



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