Girls In Action

Sponsor: Women's Missionary Union of the Southern Baptist Convention (WMU of SBC)

Program renamed to Girls in Action in 1970

Formerly known as Girls' Auxiliary

In 1970, the Girls' Auxiliary program of the Women's Missionary Union of the SBC changed its name to Girls In Action, and continues today as a girls' program for missionary work. Girls In Action are grades 1-6.


Younger children are:

  • Mission Friends 

Children grades 1-6 are:

Children grades 7-12 are:

Early Girls In Action felt patch

1970's Girl In Action Leader Manual

1970 Girls In Action membership pin

1995 Girls In Action

membership pin

Mission Adventure Patches

Older Girls In Action patches have squared edges

Current patches have rounded edges

This GA Recognition Book cover shows the evolution of the GA symbol, including the original Girls' Auxiliary patch

The original Girls' Auxiliary patch is still offered online.

Online image of 2013 

Girls In Action vest

2003 Girls In Action

membership pin

2013 Girls In Action patch, not known if available as a pin


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