Girls' Clubs of America Membership Pin

Girls' Clubs of America, Inc Charm

10 Year Anniversary Girls' Clubs of America Pin

Girls' Clubs of America

Founder: Rachel Harris Johnson

Started: 1945

Also known as:

  • National Girls Clubs of America

  • Girls Clubs of America, Inc.

Name Change - 1990 to Girls, Inc.

Official Start: May 18,1945, when 19 Girls Clubs combined placing the founder, Rachael H Johnson (1888-1983) in charge. This group, in 1952, started the Young Homemaker of the Year Award Program. Name changed to Girls Inc.: 1990 and continues today.

Program DID NOT merge with Boys' Clubs of America.

Although they left behind several nice pins,

there's not much more.

Those Girls Clubs of America lucky enough to have a pool apparently gave swimming lessons!


"The Bulletin" of the Girls Clubs of America, featuring on the cover Mrs. Dwight D. Eisenhower, honorary Chairman, and containing the Annual Report for 1954.


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