Camp fire girls - Obscure Honors

  • These are the really old ones - you won't find them as premade embroidered patches on a ceremonial gown.

  • These are stenciled or on small, flat wooded squares.

  • What we think of as the "honors" didn't start until 1936 - but there was plenty to earn before that.

  • Like most things in Camp Fire Girls information is hard to come by.

1915 - Special decorations for ceremonial gowns were awarded on a national level for original ideas, stories, song, poems, plays, drawings and photographs. 

  • UTA honor (the smallest size) was given for any effort, however humble.

  •  KEDA was given for deep thought and excellence. 

  • SHUTA was given for material that may have use in the national Camp Fire Girls. 

  • WAKAN was given for material that could be used in the handbook, Wohelo (the magazine), etc.

1929 Membership Drive "The Big Hop" , September 15, 1929 - December 1, 1929 
1929 maybe earlier
Five Fagot Honor - earned by sending $5.00 to National Headquarters for the use of increasing the Field Travel Fund. This fund was for professional Camp Fire Girls Officials to visit more local areas. The actual honor color isn't identified, and likely only one was sent to each Camp Fire Group (not to each girl). The additional seal would have been added to the group's charter paperwork.

Silver Jubilee Roll Call Honors - earned between September 15, 1936 and December 1, 1936

Jubilee Membership Honors - January 1, 1937 - March 31, 1937

Membership Honor Drive - September 15, 1937 - December 1, 1937
Camp Fire Round-up (Membership) Honor Drive - September 15, 1938 - December 1, 1938


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