Camp fire girls - horizon club

The Horizon Club program was for the high-school aged Camp Fire Girl. Originally started in 1941.

Horizon Club Membership Pin.

This program was launched in 1941 for girls in grades 9-12.

According to the Horizon Club Handbook, the pin shows 3 mountain peaks in blue for the unlimited possibilities of what you may accomplish for yourself, and the camp fire in silver is for Camp Fire Girls, imagination, laughter and fun.

1962 era

1970 era

            Wohelo Award Pin                                      Wohelo Award Patch                                        Wohelo Charm

1962 - Wohelo Medallion  - not a rank, but a special award. Could only be earned by Horizon Club members only after reaching the second half of the ninth grade.

A culmination of the Camp Fire Girl program. A 2 year program of 12 requirements in 5 different categories, for Horizon Club Girls.


Wohele Horizon Club Charm


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