Bethany Girls

Founder: Carrie Stewart Besserer

Sponsor: Presbyterian Church

Headquarters: 510 Wellington Ave, Chicago, IL

Open to all "girls" - in this case it meant young adult women.

No membership fee


Founded in 1914 by Miss Carrie Stewart Besserer of Middleport, OH, the group was originally called the "Busy Girls". The group was formed to provide friendship and spiritual support to "girls" leaving the farm and moving to the big city to get jobs. In this case, the term "girls" meant what we consider today to be young ladies - technically adults.

Bethany Girls was incorporated on November 4, 1918.


The group was part of the Presbyterian Church and seemed to have remained in the Midwest. Carrie's sister Nellie was also a strong supporter of the Bethany Girls.

Bethany Girls' motto was "Fear not, for I am with you."

Bethany Girls' Pledge: Trusting Jesus Christ for help, I will be myself at my very best; always ready to help others, ever loyal to my country and to God.

Program faded into oblivion soon after the death of its founder in 1936.

Bethany Girls Membership Pin

30 cents

$1.20 if in gold

Masthead to the Bethany Girls monthly newsletter.

The Bethany Girls Camp at Winona Lake, IN left behind several post cards.

A descriptive newspaper article on the daily life at the Bethany Girls Camp at Winona Lake, IN.


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