4-H Panel Pins and Medals

1930's - 1970's

Panel Pins and Medals are awards that have the same base, but you could pick and choose which insert panel piece was needed. At first there were limited options.

First design of 4-H Club Panel Medal

(with Beef panel)
early 1930's
9 panels were offered in 6 metals

By 1936, there were four Panel Medal designs with a greatly increased number of panel inserts:

By 1956, they had 2 base designs offered as either a "medal" or a "pin-back" style and settled on just 30 designs for the Panel Pins and Medals that were offered:

In 1961, the 2 bases remained the same, however some of the panels had been changed - though the number remained at 30.


  • Bullseye

  • Dairy

  • Rifleman


  • Goat

  • Dog

  • Turkey

1969's catalog showed one change to the panels. The bases remained the same:


  • Dairy


  • Photography

By 1972 there were completely new bases and panels.


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