4-H Uniforms

This page contains some of the women's and girls 4-H uniforms throughout the years. It does not contain ALL the uniform components, such as jackets, overalls, aprons, various hats & beanies, etc.

1927-28 4-H Club uniform approved for National Camp,
 not yet approved for the girl's uniform.

 Jade green Irish poplin fabric blouse, skirt and knickers, 60" long white tie, detachable cuffs and collar, white felt hat, white stockings.

Image from catalog

1930 4-H Club Girls Uniform

Apple green poplin fabric blouse, skirt & knickers, detachable collar and cuffs, white felt hat, stockings and 50" tie. 4-H insignia on left sleeve.

 Image from catalog.

1930 4-H uniform approved for National and State camps.
Designed by Country Gentlemen.

Green & white broadcloth blouse, jacket and skirt.
 White suede beret. 60" white tie.
A 4-H chevron emblem was offered separately to be stitched on uniform.

Unknown pattern company C-2507

 Advance pattern very similar to 1937 uniform shown left, except for the change in the sleeves of dress - this style is gathered, and a different hat.

1937 4-H Club uniform, dress & jacket of green broadcloth, attached collar white broadcloth,  4-H insignia on left sleeve.

Unknown pattern company 4H-1704

 Offered by Country Gentleman, designed by Carolyn Ramey

Undated, but priced at 10 cents and based on the style, this 4-H uniform by Advance Patterns is likely from the mid  40's - possibly WW II era. To conserve materials needed for war, uniforms no longer had extras - hats, jackets, long sleeves, zippers, excessive buttons or pockets.

Advance Pattern 2914, 10 cents


Undated 4-H uniform, likely from the late 30's, early 40's era.

Unknown pattern company

Advance pattern 2246, 15 cents

Simplicity pattern 3445, 15 cents

Undated, priced at 15 cents, this Simplicity Pattern shows little change, new additions include a zipper and patch pockets

Simplicity 3086 - 25 cents

Parade capes by Simplicity.

2 styles are offered and include the hat patterns.

Advance 5413 - 25 cents

Parade capes were also offered by Advance Patterns,
styles & price are the same as Simplicity.

Advance Pattern

Undated, priced at 25 cents, this pattern is very close to the 1948 catalog page shown left

1948 4-H catalog shows the latest in fashion for uniforms.

Advance Pattern 5412, 25 cents

Simplicity Pattern 1700, 35 cents

      New in 1956 - Simplicity Pattern, price 35 cents. "Simple to Make 4-H dress styled with a notched collar has kimono type sleeves pleated to buttoned sleeve bands. Skirt is softly pleated." Green and white striped cotton.

1962, the full skirt had a choice of 3 tops. Green and white striped fabric.

The 1962 4H uniform was the first one offered for sale "off the rack" as well as a pattern.


Same pattern, only this time by Advance Pattern

Shown below are the McCall's versions for adults and girls, as well as the Butterick pattern

1949 Simplicity Pattern, price 25 cents,
 shows the uniform in a green & white striped seersucker fabric. Instructions were included to crochet the white beanie.

Same 1956 uniform, this time by McCall's Pattern 3610

Even a uniform pattern for dolls!

1968 Simplicity & Advance Patterns shows the changing styles of the 4-H uniform



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